A day at the bridge

Attention Twin Cities reporters: Touring the new I35W bridge is not a day at the beach.

MPR’s Jess Mador tells the story behind the story of Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s tour of the new bridge spanning the Mississippi River today. Apparently the press corps anxious to see the senator’s reaction, was not properly informed that sandals and shorts are not the de rigueur attire for such locations.

Long pants and boots or closed-toed shoes are preferred.

“We all showed up improperly dressed,” Jess reports. “Most of the guys were in shorts and flip flops and i was in sandals. “There was pandemonium. After some negotiation, klobuchar’s aide ended up giving me his shoes. So I wore these ridiculously huge men’s shoes, a few sizes too big and looked like a clown. It was funny. he really went above and beyond!”

  • MPR Listener

    I suspect lots of guys would offer Jess Mador their shoes if called upon.

    More than, say, Helen Thomas.

    Just sayin’.