Where’s Katie

Open your wallets and purses and look at your money. Is there any writing on any of it?

MPR’s Tom Weber stumbled across this while working at his father’s store in Illinois over the weekend.


This dollar was slipped under Katie’s pillow by the Tooth Fairy in 2005. Then, she went and spent it. It went around and around and ended up in somebody’s wallet in 2008, a good souvenir gone bad.

It would be fascinating to track a dollar bill as it makes its way around the universe. One Web site has tried to do it. You enter a serial number in at Where’s George and you can see the list of places it’s been. The problem is, how many people out there are going to register their dollar bills? (Answer: Other than Tom Weber? None.)

  • c

    I have.

    I tracked it for awhile.

    Then I quit.

  • mulad

    I just saw a bill with a Where’s George? stamp promoting the site a few days ago. I seem to recall seeing another stamp a few years ago, but never checked it out.

    I just entered all of the 16 bills in my wallet. None of them were in the system yet. Considering they’ve got 133 million bills entered on the site (less than half a bill per person in the country, let alone the worldwide U.S. currency market), it must be pretty rare for people to get any interesting stories (aside from the bills that are stamped, I suppose).