The Week-in-Review Quiz

You didn’t get a new iPhone and you’re feeling left out from a chance to play with the new gadgets? You’re in luck. This week, we’re debuting the new News Cut Quiz. And unlike the iPhone, this thing actually works. Post your results in the comments section and let’s talk about the week just passed.

By the way, big props go out to MPR’s Ari Koinuma, who designed and wrote the code for the Quiz, which — as you can see — we can now embed in the News Cut space, add some pretty pictures, and give you a hint — should you need one. Ari’s real smart. Smarter than you? Let’s find out.

  • Alexis

    Well, Bob, you made it too easy for us now! I got a 15/15, but only with plenty of hints. Sweet new interface. I like it. Nice job, Ari.

  • Bob Collins

    Alexis, I believe that makes you the first News Cut reader to ace the quiz.

  • Mary

    Best ever…14/15…thanks for all of the hints. I’ve been in vacation transition this week and not paying close attention to news. Great new look, interface and scoring!

  • brian

    12/15 (but I didn’t use the hints).

    The system is pretty slick.

  • Al & Krista

    10/15 without hints. It seems like cheating to use hints. People seem to be getting better. A couple of months ago I got about a 9 or 10 and Bob said that was one the best scores yet.

  • dwp4401

    7/15 – Last evening. I really sucked.

  • c

    the sixth grader says we shoulda had godfather and he also wants to know if you are related to Phil collins

  • minn whaler

    Finding Nemo seems quite apropo given my signature. 12/15, only used 2 hints and absolutely love the new set up!!! Great work Ari!

    BTW, I knew 5 or 6 of the answers from The afternoon news blurbs you do with Mary Lucia on the Current! the rest of course by reading Newscut.

  • Anna

    I’m in the mid-Nemo range, but I’ll use the excuse of not looking at hints…the new quiz interface is totally cool (even if it didn’t improve my score – but that’s my fault for not taking hints).