The Week in Review Quiz

I’m on the road today in Rushford (and at the invitation of a News Cut reader, Stockton). Later this afternoon, I’ll provide the little multimedia presentation I’m working up on the flash flood area one year later.

But your visit to News Cut today is not without reward. We present the Week in Review News Cut Quiz.

You know the drill. Take the quiz, and lament your results in the section below. And remember: Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

  • brian

    I see no quiz.

  • Alison

    11 of 15. But that’s without hints. And the sun was in my eyes. And the kids are crawling on me. Oh, alright, I’ll just pay more attention to News Cut news next week.

  • Ari Koinuma @ MPR

    Hi brian,

    The quiz should now be visible to you (and to all Internet Explorer 6 users). Sorry about the little hitch!

  • Andy

    10-15 without hints. Who knew there were 15 parking ramps in St Paul?!? That’s got to be all of them right?

  • brian

    Thanks Ari.

    It might have been better for me to continue not seeing the quiz though. 9/15

  • bsimon

    12/15, though I got the freeby parking garage answer from Andy’s post. had a strong start, but weak finish. Childress prefers Jackson? What, does he prefer to lose? Come to think of it, considering his record…

  • Bobbydole

    4 out of 15.

    I don’t believe there are cities outside the metro! Dirty commie lies.

  • Minn Whaler

    15/15… no hints!!!! woo hoo, I have nothing to lament about except the award category my score fell into.

    Plymouth. MA would be fine for a whaler, but Plymouth MN? puts me even further away from the coast.