The thin blue line

A grand jury has today indicted Minneapolis cop Michael D. Roberts, 57, on corruption charges.

The indictment reads like a cheap novel.

8. In or about August 2007, the defendant devised and intended to devise a scheme to defraud and to deprive the State of Minnesota and its citizens of the intangible right to the defendant’s honest services, performed free of deceit, fraud, dishonesty, conflict of interest and self-enrichment, and caused the transmission of an interstate wire communication for the purpose of executing his scheme.

9. On August 9, 2007, the defendant met with a person, “T.T.,” whom defendant understood was engaged in criminal activity. During that meeting, the defendant caused a National Crime Information Center (NCIC) internet inquiry and obtained nonpublic

information from the State Driver Vehicle System (“DVS”) regarding a Minnesota license plate number XXX XXX, which defendant then provided to T.T. When accessing this information, the defendant intentionally failed to notify the Minneapolis Police Department

and concealed that his effort was not law enforcement related. This omission by the defendant was material. The defendant took $100 from T.T. for obtaining the information. The following day, T.T. asked for additional information, but the defendant indicated he could not provide at that time because he did not have a squad car at that moment.

10. On August 14, 2007, the defendant again met with T.T., this time in the defendant’s squad car. At the beginning of this meeting, T.T. identified himself to the defendant as a member of the Gangster Disciples street gang. At the request of T.T., the defendant improperly accessed the Minneapolis Police Department “CAPRS” computer system and provided information to T.T. from the nonpublic portion of the CAPRS system. The information obtained by the defendant came from a police report regarding a person who was allegedly providing information to law enforcement regarding T.T.’s narcotics distribution activities. The defendant knew this information was nonpublic and knew it was illegal to provide the information to T.T. The defendant failed to notify the Minneapolis

Police Department that this search of the CAPRS system was not law enforcement related. The defendant again took $100 from T.T. for obtaining the information.

11. Shortly after receiving the $100 from T.T., the defendant suspected that T.T. may have been working as an informant. Thereafter, The defendant filed a false police report, CCN: MP-07- 269790, stating in the report “when the party left [T.T.], he moved to shake the officer’s hand and actually put 5 – $20 bills in the officer’s hand. This money was later property inventoried.” The defendant never put the $100 that he received from T.T. into

property, but instead used it for his own private purposes.

  • Tyler Suter

    Thin blue line? I can feel that I’m already worked up from the whole Plymouth Rocks thing, so I will just pass.

  • B2

    My theory is that whatever public persona people have there is a part of the personality that believes it is invisible (invincible?) and just does dumb stuff because it wants to. Hands in the till, weird driving behavior, sneaky office machinations, pastor foolin’ around with the choir member; all have that “head in the sand” kind of dumbness because part of the brain is completely ego-centric and not making a reality check. Or a morality check.

  • phil

    This whole thing stinks of a set up by the Mpls Police Administration and the FBI. I am retired Army and I have seen it far too often; when the institution is “in trouble” it goes after the weakest link. Unfortunately the weakest link is Michael Roberts. Most people don’t know this but Roberts was going to be a part of this $2 million lawsuit with the 5 other African American Mpls Police Officers. He did the honorable thing and did not want to play the race card. He could have made alot of money suing the police for all the times they kept him from being promoted, discriminated against him, or harrassed him because of his race. I am so sick of our police leaders lying to us and acting like the MOB! This is a cop who has 34 years in law enforcement and never had a single complaint for theft or missing money or property. He has more experience and more felony arrests than almost any 3 other cops put together! I am a white male liberal who has a several friends who are White male cops. One of them is a Mpls Cop. I dont know Roberts, never met him, but if the white cops are defending him then he cannot be glty of throwing away his whole career for a measly $100.00. All you anti-cop idiots can think what you want. But I have seen coption and it is not at the “rank and file” levels. It is always at the highest levels of government.

    White Male Democrat