The skinny on the Saints


A near universally-ignored press release, brought to my attention today by reader Nathan Stohlman, announces a new corporate naming deal for the soon-to-be-former Midway Stadium, home of the St. Paul Saints.

The stadium will be renamed, Skinny Water Stadium.

For one week.

Skinny Water Stadium is set to be unveiled for their August 3-9 promotion. Skinny Water will have their name branded throughout the ballpark for one week. All facets of a typical stadium rights deal will be condensed into one week, with the addition of multiple new and creative twists on the concept. The team will sport new Skinny uniforms for their new stadium sponsor and fans will see the Skinny logo branded into the outfield, zero’s around the pitcher’s mound and homeplate, and of course sampling of Skinny water products.

It’s an interesting concept. What if baseball parks give up the outmoded concept of a long-term naming rights deal, and change the name every week instead?

A prolonged team slump. Not a problem. Come out and see the boys play at Pucker’s Mortuary Park.

The thing is, though, the Saints don’t own Midway Stadium. The City of St. Paul does.

(Photo courtesy Hamline University)

  • Got to love baseball stories at the all-start break.

  • GregS

    The Saints could play in the street and I would still pay to watch them.

    A couple years ago, we took our German foreign exchange student to a Saints game. She knew nothing of baseball, yet loved the game.

    The Saints know their business is entertainment not “baseball”. What a concept.

  • Stacey

    Whether or not the Saints own the field doesn’t matter since it’s going to be re-named anyways for an entire week. It’s nice to know that you have nothing better to do than try to point out the obvious. It’s called ‘making it happen whether the city likes it or not’. Duh

  • Bob Collins

    Breathe in. Breathe out, Stacey. Nobody but the Skinny Water people and, maybe, the Saints will be referring to it as anything other than Midway Stadium.