The only thing we have to fear…

When nobody was looking, a new front opened on the war on terror — Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees have banned sunblock, the New York Post reported.

Four weeks ago, Stadium officials decided that sunscreen of all sizes and varieties would not be permitted, a security supervisor told The Post before last night’s game.

“There have been a lot of complaints,” he said. “We tell them to apply once and then throw it out.”

For fans who bring babies or young children to cheer on the home team, the guard had suggested they “beg” to take the sunblock in.

Seeing the giant bag full of confiscated sunscreen Saturday, one steaming Yankee fan asked whether he could take one of the tubes and apply it before heading into the park.

“Absolutely not,” the guard told him. “What if you get a rash? You might sue the Yankees

But a few days ago, after the howling protests, the Yankees relented … to a point. Team spokesman Jason Zillo said the Yankees will still not allow sunscreen in aerosol cans in the stadium.

(h/t: Michael Wells)

  • Cathy

    Why is it that some arenas or ballparks or stadiums will wand me and poke in every corner of my bag and others just wave me in? There is no rhyme or reason to any of it!

  • oldnwrinklybutdigit

    I have slung dome dogs at the metro dome in lieu of school tuition for my son. We are not allowed to let the customer have the cap on their plastic soda bottle incase they decide to make it a projectiling object within the arena during the game. So maybe security fears flying sun tan lotion? oop sorry this is the new millenium where the sun is supposedly poison. I meant to say ‘sun block’

  • Alison

    Whenever I hear I things like this I think, yes, the terrorists won.

  • Mark Gisleson

    Sounds like idiots with aersol cans were hitting other fans with their overspray. How that led to a ban on ALL sunscreen is a bit harder to understand.

    Why is it that when the people spouting rhetoric about our freedoms actually get elected, they start taking them all away as fast as they can.

    I recently posted a panel from an Iron Man comic circa 1965. The key dialogue was a cabbie dropping Tony Stark off at the airport and telling him that he still had six minutes to catch his flight — plenty of time!

    Not in George Bush’s post-9/11 America, where every citizen without a flag lapel pin is automatically suspect.