The illume


There must be a good reason to close down the Stone Arch Bridge to bike traffic. Indeed there is: an energy drink must be promoted.

The Red Bull illume is being installed. They’re large black reflective cubes. It’s all very artsy.

Peter Fleck (above, via Flickr) has viewed, posted images to flickr, and given his opinion, all at the same time.

It’ll be up through the 20th.

  • Got to love the thumbs down and the expressionless face.

  • mrw

    Finally, a public exhibition of the Red Bull stock photography that came loaded on my Zune music player. I’ve never been prouder to be from the Cities.

  • Max

    It baffles me that a bike-friendly city like ours would acquiesce to this. Perhaps the organizers didn’t realize the exhibit would get in our way so much? Or perhaps Red Bull payed enough money that organizers didn’t care. Totally annoying, in either case.

    Thanks for the photos, pfhyper!

  • Sarah

    What in the world is it??? I don’t drink Red Bull nor do I pay any attention to the company. Not only does this block the usual traffic on the bridge, it looks totally out of place. Here is an historic bridge with character and class and suddenly they want to ‘deface’ it with some contemporary reflective *#$@%(^ cubes???? On what planet does this make sense???!!! Shame on Red Bull but even more so shame on whoever gave them permission!!

  • Dave

    I believe your photo is reversed. The blue Guthrie building should be to the right (upriver) of the Bridgewater condos. More importantly, it’s a great idea to give the Stone Arch over to a public art display for a few weeks, even if bikers have to slow down a bit. But this is just a Red Bull commercial. Thumbs down, definitely.

  • Dave

    I take back the photo comment. I see now it’s a reflection. Very nice.

  • I believe your photo is reversed.

    The caption in Peter’s photo set says that this is actually the reflection in the cube.

    I think it would make more sense to have the exhibit in Gold Medal Park. Still highly visible along the river, but without blocking off a major ped/bike river crossing. I’m not sure if that makes the money situation better or worse, though.

  • Saw a blurb about this in a beverage industry trade newsletter* this morning:

    “Red Bull Illume — the first-ever international action adventure sports photography competition — made its Midwest debut in Minneapolis. The Stone Arch Bridge unveiling was witnessed by more than 2,000 spectators as twenty-five eight-by-eight foot cubes revealed 50 spectaculars images.”

    *From the Promotions/Appearances section of’s “The Flow” email newsletter for 7/5/2008

  • c


    a better -BEST-place to display this lovely ‘piece’ would be atop the IDS Center where we could all admire it!