That burning smell…

I was driving my five-year-old son to school the other day in my truck. The windows were rolled up but something outside had clearly gotten his olfactory attention.

“Oooooooo. What’s that smell?” he asked, but in a cruder, five-year-old way that I won’t repeat here.

That smell was actually Ben Ransom. On his way to work. It took a little sleuthing to track him and the odor down.

Here’s what I found when I caught up with him:

  • It is important to note that the fuel he is using, straight vegitable oil (SVO) is NOT biodiesel. Biodiesel is a processed (and legal) fuel that has undergone emissions testing and is approved by the EPA, It is also subject (like gasoline or traditional diesel) to state and federal taxes.

    SVO users who do not pay tax for their “free” fuel may run into trouble with the taxman.

    See this link for more:

  • gotgas

    ok there isn’t much here to read so I would assume that Ben is sitting on the fence in his choice of fuel. Does that make him a Bi-fueler ? If his car looked like one that takes biodiesel but actually takes turbo diesel, does that make him a Trans-fueler?

    where is Bob?

  • Tim Nelson

    Ransom’s car runs on either diesel or vegetable oil. Bob Collins, however, runs on pure Jet-A while he’s at AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wis. He blogged about it four days ago: Airshow to the World

  • fly’inonoliveoil

    @ Tim

    pure Jet-A-would that be JP 4?

    Now there’s a lovely scent. It should be bottled.