Starbuck’s closings

For reasons I don’t quite understand — and which are probably an entire post of its own — colleagues and friends have been sending me updates over the last few weeks whenever the whiff of a Starbuck’s store closing is detected.

Operating under the assumption that they’re more clued in than me on matters of popular culture, I’m pleased to pass along the official Starbuck’s store closing list.

Twenty-six stores are closing in Minnesota. Ignore the fact the company spelled Minneapolis wrong.

The closings leaves Walgreen’s as the most overbuilt chain now.

  • Oh please Bob, we know your hip to the coffee culture…

    I find it interesting that Starbuck’s is closing some of its doors and simultaneously the McCafe was introduced…

    Is it a sign of recession? Is it a shift in culture? Is it that we are gluttonous? Are the aliens coming?

  • Paul

    Time to get a Mr Coffee and can of Folgers and drink up. If you need gas in the morning Super America or Holiday have good coffee too.

    We can survive this.. Now where is my cup ?

  • Julia

    If we are going to get picky, that store wasn’t in Minneapolis, but rather–judging by the address–Blaine or Coon Rapids.

  • Man — two of the Brooklyn Center ones I go to are closing, maybe I should have just went to one all the time.

    But I really go to Holiday for my daily coffee..

  • There are a few misspellings in that list. And indeed, the one listed as “Minnapolis” is in Blaine.

    So, two of the three nearest Starbucks to me are closing.

  • Zeb

    I prefer Gloria Jean’s or Caribou anyway.

  • dwp4401

    I was a confirmed Folgers man until about 8 years ago after my wife started grinding quality beans. A little while later I began going into the coffee shops.

    As far as my taste buds go, Starbucks serves swill. Give me Caribou or Dunn Brothers anytime.

  • c

    Starbucks has a few great darker roasts. Verona, Espresso, best Italian Roast, (just my opinion). I consume at home. A bag buyer, which are now available at your local grocer.

    (Folgers and Holiday coffee?) uck. not unless i have to.

    I wonder if coffee consumption could become unsustainable? Are metal cans more friendly than the suedo- aluminum -typish bag that Star bucks comes in? In either case I reuse both but I wonder which take up more energy to make.

  • Mac Wilson

    “My” Starbucks (you know, the one that’s open late for the overnight guy) is staying open, but it’s a shame about the W 7th one closing. That’s where I was when I found out Tony Wilson died.