Signs you’re going to be late for work

(From Tim Nelson)

If your Orange County Transportation Authority bus is stuck in morning rush hour traffic on eastbound Interstate 94 in St. Paul, chances are you’re not going to be at your desk in Anaheim any time before lunch.


This one was making its way towards Minneapolis this morning, although the destination sign on the front was just showing “###################.”

I emailed the photo to OCTA spokesman Joel Zlotnik and he confirmed that it was a New Flyer, compressed natural gas vehicle. Orange County is getting 299 of them, which will be about half the fleet.

The New Flyer buses are manufactured, in part, in Crookston, Minn., so this one is apparently on its way, indirectly anyway, from northern Minnesota to California.

I couldn’t help but wonder how it’ll get there, since natural gas filling stations seem few and far between. I’m just glad I’m not behind the wheel, looking for one.

  • Alison

    I’ve seen quite a few new buses traveling to other cities lately. It makes me wonder why they’re not shipping them by train. You would think that would be cheaper. Less fuel and no driver to house and shuttle. Does anybody know why they drive them to other cities?

  • b2

    Hmmm…why not keep a few of those gasless trucks in the state? Wonderful Simon is gone and Schwann-cicle foods are still on the road, largely because of their natural gas trucks. Too bad the gasless truck salesman didn’t visit Simon nine years ago when they set up business – they are missed.