Plymouth rocks

Money Magazine, the magazine that’s made surveys a cottage industry, has another Minnesota feel-good survey for us.

Plymouth, you’re number one.

Lots of rich people, plenty of good jobs, and — no doubt — more than a few Money Magazine subscribers makes it the “best small city in America.”

Eagan is at #17

More people come to work in Eagan than leave each day. Big companies like Thompson-Routers and Blue Cross Blue Shield are its largest employers.

Check with us on that a year from now, Money.

Apple Valley is #24

To combat urban sprawl, the city has a core downtown area where all commercial businesses lie, with the surrounding neighborhoods free from them.

No offense, Apple Valley — and Money — but unless I’m missing something, you look like just about any suburb in America.

Lakeville, which actually has a there there, is #26.

Lakeville is a southern suburb of the Twin Cities that has more than 100 years of history. The town treasures an historic downtown that gives it a unique feel compared to other burbs.

Eden Prairie is #40. Maple Grove is #41. Burnsville is #43. Rochester is #70 (not really sure why Rochester is on this list since it’s apparent you have to be a cookie-cutter suburb to even be considered in Minnesota. How else do you explain the absence of so many — you know — small cities where people actually answer with the name of the city they actually live in when people ask them where they’re from?). Blaine is #93.

Texas had the most number of cities on the list (13). Minnesota tied with New Jersey (9) for second.