Jesse being Jesse


I’m going to write this, and I’m going to walk away from the computer knowing there’s a 50-50 chance it’ll be outdated within seconds.

Such is the nature of the “now you see me, now you don’t” personality of Jesse Ventura, who has been floating the notion that he’s going to run for Senate in Minnesota.

The Ventura watch began this morning when ABC News is said to have reported he’s definitely in. But links to the story — a blog post — regurgitate the “he may be in” data that we’ve gotten pretty used to up here in flyover country. The ABC story is said to have attributed things to David Welna of NPR (Jesse doesn’t talk to any local media except, perhaps, Gary Eichten). Welna’s interview doesn’t yield a lot that we haven’t heard before — lots of factoids you can take to the bank if you don’t mind the distinct possibility that they’ll bounce.

Today’s flurry then set Ventura up perfectly, giving him an opportunity to stay in the news cycle without actually doing anything other than denying anything’s changed, by saying he was speaking hypothetically.

Nobody can play the media like Jesse Ventura.

Is Ventura using Brett Favre’s playbook? Or is Favre using Ventura’s?