Garden flowers, taxes, baggy pants and the things we hold dear

Some unrelated stories to make you… well, I’m guessing you know.

  • In Harwood, North Dakota, Paulette Domier has been unable to garden since her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, the Fargo Forum reports. If you’ve tended a garden, you know the heartbreak of not being able to keep up with it On Saturday, people just kept showing up. And by the end of the weekend, Paulette could look out on her garden again.
  • Some say property taxes should only pay for the “basics,” such as fire and police protection. In Duluth, they’re not even paying for that anymore. The city is considering charging for police and fire calls. But only non residents would be charged for investigating accidents, the Associated Press reports.
  • South of Chicago, in Lynwood Village, it’s now against the law to wear baggy pants that expose 3 inches of underwear. I don’t have to point out the obvious loophole in this ordinance, right?
  • South Dakota represented the last stop in a dream for J.W. French, a barnstorming pilot who has a mission to visit all 48 continental U.S. states in memory of a friend — Sam Burgess. On Friday, the Florida man reached Mobridge, South Dakota. He was in town for dinner when “Virgil the airport man” called to say he hoped J.W. wouldn’t mind but it looked like there might be some hail coming, so he put Mr. French’s plane in his hangar to keep it safe.” J.W. reached Alexandria, Minn. on Saturday and on Monday — with any luck at all — he’ll be telling his story to your News Cut writer and some family friends while staying in his home for the night.


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