Birds and babies

Is there some newspaper axiom somewhere that says birds sell newspapers? Three different newspapers in Minnesota today have front-page stories — different stories — involving birds.

First, the Bemidji Pioneer reports a hawk has been released back into the wild in Foley:


In Duluth, the newspaper reports that some bird is nesting on some guy’s boat…


And in Willmar, the West Central’s Tribune’s front-page is dominated by the story of a magic show featuring — you guessed it — birds…


In the Twin Cities, however, birds take a back seat to babies. It’s a big story when a hospital has a busy day and a woman — 16 of them — give birth.


A public relations person at the hospital is, no doubt, happy as a lark today.

  • Mark Gisleson

    Birds are usually associated with death. Does death sell newspapers?

    Well, it sure keeps the TV news ratings up there at 6 and 10, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t work for the dead tree folks.

  • Bob Collins

    A colleague notes that I missed the obvious bird connection with the babies… the stork. Ugh.