Airshow to the world

St. Paul has its Republican National Convention. Oshkosh has its AirVenture, the largest air show in the world, next to Paris. For one week each year, the city north of Milwaukee becomes the busiest airport in the world.

St. Paul is bracing for 60,000 people in August. Oshkosh will get something on the order of 800,000. I’m one of them — or maybe I’m 7 of them if they count each time I go through the turnstiles. I’ll be on vacation, camping at the show, and writing some magazine articles. My colleague Tim Nelson will show you what a real writer is like during my absence

Usually the only real coverage the event gets in the Twin Cities is if a plane crashes. One probably will. But there’s more to it than that. (Update Sat 8:18 a.m. – Tony Gonzalez did a nice preview piece with some local folks in Saturday’s Star Tribune. The headline was familiar).

Unless there’s something significant, I won’t annoy the readers who aren’t interested in airplanes in this space. Instead, I’ll be writing — fairly constantly — on one of my other blogs — Letters From Flyover Country. I’m doing a week-long Q&A with readers, so I look forward to chatting with you there.

But make sure you keep checking News Cut each day. Tim does great work.

  • Minn Whaler

    loved the video, like taking a mini vacation in my office. Enjoy!!!

  • Lily

    We miss you already!

  • B2

    Forwarded link to a friend who is a home-builder and long-time attendee. Have a great week everyone.

  • bsimon

    Have a great time!