Air for a price

Spotted at a SuperAmerica store in Woodbury Sunday night:


Oh dear. It’s even worse than we imagined. Just when we were beginning to comprehend the tragedy of the cost of fueling up a boat on Lake Minnetonka, comes word that air will now cost us.

If only we’d been smart enough to open up the national parks to drill for more air. Is it going up because of the falling dollar, or is this the work of speculators in the air market?

Perhaps if we all just slow our respiration down to 55 breaths per minute, we can get by. But a lot more people are going to be breathing close to home this summer.

  • Honestly – I must say that I saw this coming a long time ago!

  • minn whaler

    Slowing done the number of respirations per minute will help, but it isn’t enough. We have to learn to recycle the air we have instead of wasting it. One way I’ve been working to be more efficient with the air in my home is to increase the number of real plants I have. No more silk for me… only the working greenery makes it into my houlse.

    While you sleep they magically take your used air and make fresh oxygen with it. It is miraculous. The air you used yesterday is usable again today!

  • SeanC

    Most Super Americas have been like this for a while.

  • c


    next thing they’ll start charging for directions.