20 things you didn’t know about oil

Discovery Discover Magazine lists a few simple facts (what? No dinosaurs?) about the substance that’s wreaking havoc, including the tidbit that it was once considered a health drink.

  • JohnnyZoom

    Minor point, but the publication is Discover Magazine (no “y”).

    One of the best, if not the best, science periodical for the layman, I might add, even if its tone has gotten a little sloppy over the last few years. -JZ

  • Zeb

    My biology textbooks always taught me that most of our fossil fuels are a result of the thick vegetation from the Carboniferous Period. Of course, that includes coal. Imagine how human civilization might be different without this period in Earth’s history.

  • Bob Collins

    Big points to Zeb for being the first person in the short but glorious history of News Cut to invoke a reference to the Carboniferous Period. That’s worthy of a prize of some sort.

  • c

    a gallon of gas?