The News Cut Week in Review Quiz


Two things have never happened in this great country. (1) No team has ever won an NBA championship after being down three games to none and (2) Nobody (as far as we know) has ever received a perfect score on the News Cut Quiz.

Neither of these streaks is likely to end this weekend. Here is this week’s quiz. As always, we invite you to take the quiz, then come back and submit a comment, indicating your score and impressing us with your creative writing ability to explain it.

Don’t forget this weekend, I’m trying out an idea and I hope you’ll be a part of it. Help document a weekend in the life of Minnesota. Details here.

  • Better than my average

    My News Cut Quiz score this week

    10 out of 15

  • Alison

    8/15 – Zoinks, I’ll have to read more news cut this week.

  • Minn whaler

    10/15, best yet for me. I must be starting to pay attention?

  • Momkat

    9 out of 15 for me, a personal best. Your blog is addictive, Bob.

  • Lesli

    Blah. When I do better I’ll share my score. (Nice touch on the “trick answer”; you got me hook, line and sinker.)

  • bsimon

    another 10/15. satisfactory performance. Good questions.

  • c

    ok i studied the pictures and although the questions had to do with the pictures -THERE WERE NO ANSWERS FROM THEM!!! I have the lowest score yet 6 of 15! You think it’s my reading?