Tim Russert, 1950-2008

Tim Russert, the host of NBC’s Meet the Press, collapsed at work today and died.

  • alicia l gaskin

    I am on the MPR website checking on information for the Member Benefits department of MPR and just noticed the 1950-2008 date w/ Mr. Russert’s name. It did not bode well. I am saddened that the journalistic world, as well as the “needs to be truthfully informed” world has lost a man of such integrity, political astuteness, and genuineness at a time when these rare qualities are so needed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends,

    and colleagues. Sunday mornings will not be the same.

  • Tyler Suter

    The man knew how to ask a question like so few could; simple, direct and without egotistical motive. I hope he will inspire another or many others to follow in his steps – as the last comment pointed out – of integrity.