The story behind ‘the catch.’

There have been a fair number of spectacular photographs and videos of late that have been found to be fake, and some of those who huddled in the News Cut cubicle cried “foul” when they watched this one 8 or 9 times today. (Chris Dall of the Bleacher Bums called it first.)

The video is — as they say — sweeping the Internet today.

Alas, it’s fake. It’s an ad for Gatorade.

But there is no mention of it anywhere. How does Gatorade benefit from the ad? Watch again.


Meanwhile, “Ball Girl” hits a homerun for product integration. In a subtle but certainly noticeable case of product placement, there is a bottle of Gatorade on the ground next to the chair the ball girl sits in after making her great play.

  • Minn whaler

    Kind of takes me back (although I wasn’t born yet) to the broadcasting of “War of The Worlds” with Orson Welles and all the laws placed on broadcasting in the aftermath.