The role of color in the campaign for president

I saw my first John McCain bumper sticker while driving home from work the other night. But what struck me wasn’t that I hadn’t seen one until now. What struck me was the color scheme:


Black and gold? First of all, those are Army colors. McCain was a Navy guy. But beyond that, I got to thinking: who’s the last person to run for president in a general election who didn’t have red, white, and/or blue as part of the bumper sticker color scheme.

I know there are collectors of campaign memorabilia in the News Cut audience. Step forward.

  • bsimon

    I thought a similar thing on Tuesday, noticing the odd green color of the background during McCain’s speech. There was one lone star at the top, which reminded me of a general’s star(s). It seems he’s going for the martial theme. My guess is that market testing shows higher correlation between army colors & military credentials than navy colors.