A sign of the times

The Minnesota concealed carry handgun law is always sure to guarantee a lively discussion about guns and signs.

The courts have been wrestling with whether churches have to post signs specifically banning handguns in order to ban them. The state Appeals Court settled the issue — for now — earlier this year

Where churches and other businesses are concerned, its an important and weighty issue. In other areas, however, it can seem a silly regulation.


What is the value of this sign?


When this is the “premises”?


Photographed in Hastings today.

  • Tyler Suter

    Oh goodness, it’s really too bad that this has to be a concern. Concealed carry…

    That natural gas maign or line – whatever you’d call that thing in the picture above – enclosed by a fence has to be a joke; right? Informal protest?

  • gopherMPH

    I assume the purpose is compliance with corporate policies: all properties will have the ‘no guns’ signs posted. Well, this is a company property.