The lost summer?

It’s raining — again — in the Twin Cities and we’re near ready to throw in the towel and declare the summer is going to be a lost cause. Too bad. Resorters, for example, had a chance to have a great year thanks to the high gas prices keeping people “close to home.” But, perhaps, people will decide it’s cheaper to watch the rain fall from the homestead than a couple of hundred miles away.

In Wisconsin, though, it’s even worse. On Lake Delton, resorters have a real problem. Their lake is gone… and so are some of the houses on it. Would-be guests have been canceling their reservations because a lake without water is merely a quarry.

It’s not just tourists who are being affected by the weather. On America’s largest sewer the Mississippi River, barge operators are preparing for delays because of flooding. Flooding… like what’s happening in Iowa. (Really good pictures from Decorah here.)

Meanwhile, the inbox reveals a fascinating series of pictures today. The rain and thunderstorms that look so cruddy here on terra firma, look pretty nifty from above.


(H/T: Michael Wells)

  • bsimon

    Awesome cloud pic!

  • A financial crisis that hit my friends washed out our planned camping trip in Yellowstone.

    Now, it looks like even a small trip close to home wouldn’t be worth it, the way this (not even technically) summer is going.

  • Bob,

    You’ve jinxed us. Now we’re going to have a record hot/humid yet drought-plagued August.

    Haven’t any of you peole ever lived in a farm state? Don’t tempt Mother Nature!

    Sheesh. Thanks for nothing.

  • motherearth

    //Haven’t any of you peole ever lived in a farm state? Don’t tempt Mother Nature!//

    and don’t sleep with her either!

  • “and don’t sleep with her either!”

    Oh, NOW you get scruples, you tramp?