The Line redux

In the comments section of the News Cut post on ‘the line’ (and, yes, I have been surprised about how little attention most of the newsies in the TC gave to that element of the story), News Cut reader Mike2 provides an answer to a request (from another reader) for pictures of the outside of Xcel Center during the Obama speech.

You can find his Flickr pool here.

He also provided this video:

I’m late getting to this because the original comment got picked off by News Cut’s (incredibly reliable, actually) SPAM filter.

  • I was standing in line with Mike2 last night and for me, one of the most telling moments of the evening was when a police car came by the line and finally told us, officially, that the center was full to its 18,000 capacity and that 40,000 people had showed up. There was not a single gripe; the whole crowd cheered.

  • Momkat

    I was listening to you, Bob, chat with Mary this afternoon at 4.25 about the line last night. My nephew and I headed over on a bus, suspecting we’d never get in. An older white woman got on after us and didn’t realize she needed exact change, that her $20 wouldn’t generate change, and a Somali man jumped up and paid her fare. As nephew and I wandered around, there were countless other tiny instances of unity.

    What a wonderful event! We observed the sidewalks full of happy people around Rice Park and decided to have a beer at the Liffey and head back to the suburbs to catch Obama’s speech.