Goodbye Ron Paul. Hello Ron Paul


Stick a fork in him.

Ron Paul has given up his quest for the White House.

The lighthearted L.A. Times political blog isn’t buying it:

Once before, three months ago, Paul put out a video message to his hundreds of thousands of supporters saying he was “winding down” his campaign. And we fell for that one hook, line and libertarian sinker. We wrote that the 72-year-old, 10-term congressman “appears to be….

…– this is so hard to write — if not quitting, then almost certainly sort of stopping his race for the Republican nomination for president. Probably.”

But hundreds of Paul supporters — see, we didn’t call them longshot Paultards — descended on The Ticket’s comment area and informed us of the error of our words. That we were not only wrong but dead wrong. We didn’t know anything. Neither did our parents. Or anyone at the leftist neocon L.A. Times, especially our editors. We kind of agreed with some of that.

The word, however, is in: Paul is out. It’s right there on his Web site, and the Internet never lies:


Now the question: Where do Ron Paul supporters go?

A somewhat less intriquing mystery, however, is why Paul announced he’s out, less than two days after announcing he was going to hold his own convention in St. Paul? Answer: He’s forming his own wing of the party.

The exact nature of Ron Paul’s role in the next few months is befuddling a few folks, however. The aforementioned L.A. Times, in fact, published a story a few hours ago that Paul had stopped short of dropping out.

Perhaps there’s some sort of Laker hangover in Los Angeles.

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