Picture of the Hugo tornado

We have what I believe is the first — possibly only — picture of the tornado that destroyed sections of Hugo almost two weeks ago.

According to The Citizen, Hugo’s community newspaper that’s already provided some of the best immediately-after images of the tragedy, the picture was taken by a 12 year old.

“The day after, [Shawn] showed it to me. He said, ‘Grandma, I got a picture of the tornado with my cell phone!’ and I said, ‘WHAT?’

“He was so excited. I told him it was kind of dangerous, but that he did a fantastic job.

Here’s the picture.

It’s quite possible, of course, that there’s another picture or two floating around that I was not aware of. If so, send along the link in the comments section. BTW, you can use html to build links in the comment section. Sometimes, the comment gets picked off as spam so give me a few minutes to override it.

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