Friday follies

There’s nothing like a Friday to put us in a chipper mood heading into the weekend.

And now the news…

  • Unemployment soared to 5.5% in May. (FYI, Canada’s rate was unchanged, but it’s at 6.1%)

  • The Dow is down over 200 points, one of its biggest drops in months.

  • After dropping to $122 a barrel and giving us some hope of reduced gasoline prices, crude oil today spiked more than $6 a barrel and is poised to set another record today.

    During a recession, every day is Monday.

    On the other hand, if you need the weekend to forget about things, some of the possibilities include:

  • The new Grizzly Coast section of the Minnesota Zoo has opened.

  • Guitar Hero championships at Mystic Lake.
  • The DFL State Convention in Rochester, although it’s hard to see how that’ll help your blood pressure.

    Post your “forget about it” suggestions for the weekend in the comments section.

    • The MN Zoo is opening their Russian Coast Exhibit this weekend! (I am going to wait a week for crowds, but there are worse choices for your entertainment dollar).

    • I meant a question mark, not an exclamation point in my last entry.

      Other ideas: For the geeky, Saturday is Worldwide D&D day, with activities and fun at The Source Comics and Games in Falcon Heights.

    • c


      we are supposed to suggest what to do this weekend. i thought we were supposed to suggest topics you (that would be Bob Collins) should write about.

      wow planning a weekend? doesn’t happen here i have a tendency to live in the moment.

      how about this for a suggestion to forget about all the worldly hullabaloo by going to your local farmers market and smelling the flowers. smells are free. although buying the flowers at the market is fairly inexpensive too.

    • minn whaler

      Take a bike ride. No matter where you are in Minnesota, there are wonderful things to see and safe ways to bike without motor vehicles to worry about.

      One of the most positive things about this state is the incredibly easy access to open space. (you can feel you are in a private wilderness) Just ignore the noise form the cities, i.e.; trains, planes and automobiles. Try to focus on the nearby sounds of birds, rustling leaves, etc. All free and incredibly relaxing

    • Lorelei

      Check out a good game of laser tag. Better yet, go to Grand Slam in Burnsville, take the kids and get an All You Can Play card for about $16/ each. It is worth it! After a couple of hours there the problems of the world will seem trite…..Enjoy/