Flying cows?

Where are the citizen journalists when we need them?

According to the Fargo Forum newspaper, there was a “report” — unconfirmed — that a storm with high winds this morning sent the heifers a flyin’ near Valley City, N.D.

And nobody has pictures? There hasn’t been a tornado in the U.S. in 10 years that somebody, somewhere, didn’t get on video to sell to the local TV station. Someone spots a single-horned deer? Got it! A panda bear sneezes at the zoo, and it’s on every TV station in America, with 1,000 nattering news anchors trying — and failing — to tack on a witty comment. As if there’s something funnier than a panda bear sneezing.

But nobody’s got the video of the flying cows? Maybe it’s just as well. We’d have to listen to some TV news anchor intone, “the cow was really mooooving.”

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