Eyes on the sky

Again with the weather!

So, it’s going to be one of those weekends. More storms are on the way and here at the News Cut Woodbury bureau, we’re torn between wanting to cut the grass before heavy storms roll in, and being that guy — the first one early on a Saturday to crank up a lawnmower. I’m not without entertainment, however. I’m watching my neighbor starting up her lawn sprinkler, and I’m wondering why she doesn’t see the calamitous clouds above her.

Judging by the different hues of her lawn, she or her husband have made the typical “young homeowner” mistake: “If the fertilizer instructions say set the spreader at ‘6,” setting it at ’12’ will be twice as good.” They’re about to learn another lesson: Water isn’t going to make the mistake go away.

But back to the news. The National Weather Service has posted some severe thunderstorm warnings for the region says:

(As of 6:27 p.m.) Flash flood warningsn the far southeast corner of Minnesota and into Wisconsin. Evening rains could be as much as 3 inches. The warning is in effect until the early morning hours.(See map).

A flash flood watch is also in effect for SE Minn, a slightly wider area from around Redwood Falls, Mankato, over to Rochester south. That’s until 10 Sunday morning.

We’re told to expect “dime-sized” hail. A week ago, the hail was the size of a half-dollar, which just goes to show you the state of the American currency right now.

  • Anne

    This morning a storm moved through Faribault and Goodhue counties. I heard a weatherman (I believe it was on Channel 5) say that we could expect “nickle-sized hail, OR EVEN dime-sized.”

    Another reflection on American currency? I’ll take that dime-sized hailstone any day over the mere nickle!

    Of course hail usually doesn’t come in disk-shaped forms anyway, so I think we should get away from all of these analogies with money. Whatever happened to “marble-sized” or “golf-ball-sized” hail anyway?

  • mary

    Re: the young homeowners. I know all too many people (um, yes, me included) who may not have even read the instructions the first time out. Spreaders have settings? who knew!

  • Bob Collins

    Anne: I’m in the bunker, waiting for bocce-ball sized hail

    Mary: I did pretty much the same thing. The problem, of course, is the mistake makes itself known to the entire neighborhood. Then people drive by, point, and occasionally holler out the window, “read the instructions.”

    It’s enough to make you want to go prairie.

  • Minn whaler

    Have been hearing our weather alarm go off and on all day. Actually woke me up which was a good thing as I really overslept today and had to take the 4-legged 87 lb mutt for his annual thing. Such fun… glad the warnings weren’t really for my area, but judging by the humidity right now, we should be good for a “biggun” late tonight or tomorrow.

    As for the fertilizer… sigh been there, done that

  • Minn whaler

    OOPS!!! almost forgot… where’s the news quiz Mr. Newscut guy?

    And you thought we didn’t notice

  • Snuffy

    Yes, I’ve been scanning for the newsquiz, too! Must continue my spiral down to less than 50% right…

  • c

    I noticed the absence of News Cut Quiz as well. By the way Bob, the ‘fifth grader’ thought your name was Phil Collins.

    I have a couple ant colonies that have developed in my yard in various places. How do they develop anyway? So I was at the Menards saving big money on my ant killer. Did you know that there are about 16 varieties at least of ants? Carpenter ants, Pharoh ants, Army ants Ghost ants, Black ants, Red ants….sheesh the list goes on and on. What you are supposed to do is sprinkle 2 tsp of these crystals on each mound and then the worker ants will bring the poison back to the Queen and once the Queen is dead your problems are over. So this is my focus for the summer-Kill the Queen ant(s). Unfortuneately I did not read all of the instructions either and sprinkled poison before the rain….oh well.