‘Buy me no peanuts and Cracker Jack’

A serious affliction is a marketing opportunity for the Minnesota Twins.

According to a release today, the Twins are making the Skybox “peanut-free and available exclusively for individuals with peanut allergies and their families for selected games during the 2008 season.”

The first Peanut-free Skybox event is Monday against Detroit.

The danger of a peanut allergy is the unintentional consumption of food containing peanuts or peanut oil. It’s also the possibility of coming in contact with peanuts, even through the skin.

According to a Star Tribune article last year:

it is relatively uncommon for children to be so allergic to peanuts that simply sitting next to someone eating a peanut could trigger a serious reaction. But it can occur that the dust from peanuts is inhaled and someone suffers from anaphylaxis, which is a complete and sometimes fatal allergic reaction.

At $30 a pop, the Peanut-free Skybox is a fairly pricey seat. Two of the three dates selected for the promotion are so-called “premium games,” when the Twins increase the ticket prices because the team they’re playing is good.

  • Alison

    My daughter has a nut allergy, thankfully not that severe. Her allergist told me of one of his patients who had a major reaction while rollerblading in the dome. He took a rest break by going up one of the tunnels and leaned on the railing while overlooking the field. There must have been nut residues on the railing because he quickly ended up across the street at HCMC.

  • Amanda

    That’s really cool. I have a severe peanut allergy and am 25. There have been too many close calls in my life already so I’m happy when I hear stories like this. It’s good that there is awareness now. When I was a kid there was none – no one had even heard of a peanut allergy. Hopefully we’ll see more peanut free zones in the future.

  • Edward

    This is the dumbest thing I have heard in a long time. For those of you that are allergic, oh I don’t know, how about you watch what you are doing while around peanuts!

    I am so tired of the ailments of a few being imposed on the rest of us. Our local school has now banned peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the kids lunches.

    The Socialist Republic of the United States is well under way…

    Hail Comrade!

  • Rob


    Are you still upset you can’t smoke in the car with your kids and the windows up?

    Any person, especially a child or as you say the ailments of a few don’t wish to impose these rules on you. What we simply ask is for some understanding.

    We try as best we can to live normal lives and enjoy all that life has.

  • Judy T.

    I am thankful that the Twins have dedicated this section to kids with food allergies! My 7 year-old son has severe peanut and tree nut allergies and has experienced anaphylaxis. He plays baseball and is a Chicago White Sox fan. This opportunity is allowing him to see his first MLB game –White Sox vs. Twins no less!

    While we won’t be buying peanuts as a concession, we plan on spending plenty of $ on whatever “safe” foods we CAN eat, as well as on souveniers. My guess is we’ll spend as much as or more than the average peanut-eating fan. Plus, we’re traveling from Chicago, so we’re pumping plenty of money into the Minneapolis economy during our stay.

    As for the comments about watching what you do around peanuts, there is almost no way to avoid them once you are in a stadium. You can’t control what those around you eat. For instance, my husband had peanut shells on his back at a White Sox game from the people eating behind him. Tell me how you can watch yourself in that instance since you have to sit in the seats you purchase? It is also difficult to get to and from a seat without stepping on shells in any direction. This is why we have never taken our son to a professional baseball game. We recognize that it is not worth putting his life in jeopardy to catch a game. And, I do not EXPECT my son to be accomodated. We simply do not go as a family.

    I appreciate the fact that MLB teams and minor league teams such as the Kane County Cougars here in IL, recognize that the next generation of fans include an increasing percentage of kids who can’t/won’t go to the games because of nut allergies. And, likewise, their families won’t go either.

    Please know that I am NOT a proponent of banning a food item at schools or any venue for anything more than a special event. For the Twins, this is a handful of games we are talking about, and it is a skybox/press box. This is no different than a group of corporation reserving a suite for a private party.

    As my husband has said, in a week, a month or year from now, no one will remember what they ATE at the baseball game. They’ll just remember watching a game with friends and/or family and having a good time.

  • ana

    I am looking for a shop in NJ, where I can buy peanuts free snacks. My son is severely allergic to it .