Blogging McCain: The crowd

You knew someone was going to do this. It might as well be me.

The John McCain crowd lining up at 6:30 for his Landmark Center forum.




and almost the same spot on June 3rd.


  • Tyler Suter

    Something about this crowd seems different than the crowd outside the Obama rally, I can’t quite put my finger…oh yeah, they all look the same. Crew cut, crew cut, balding, crew cut, crew cut.

  • minn whaler

    This crowd does not seem to have any emotion… positive or negative. The other crowd was excited and hopeful. this group looks like they would all be very good at poker.

  • The McCain event was invitation only, right? A minor difference in crowds, I imagine.

  • Bob Collins

    In the SIZE of the crowd, perhaps.

  • Lesli

    All of a sudden, I’m craving a bologna sandwich on Wonder bread…

  • Tyler Suter

    All of a sudden, I’m craving a bologna sandwich on Wonder bread…


  • c

    in that last picture I think that man with his hand up is really calling for help as he is lost in the murky multitudes of the mighty righty in tighty whitey

  • Tyler Suter

    That would be extremely funny c, but the last picture is actually from the Obama rally. You can tell…I look at the haircuts and it’s a dead give away.

  • c

    wow –

    ok that makes sense because I was looking at the old(er) woman in the front with the strap across her chest and thinking that she didn’t have that conservative vibe going at all….or that guy or gal behind her but the two women with the bob hair-dos could easily fit conservative….funny how we (I) catagorize by appearance

  • Tyler Suter

    It is funny; it would be dangerous if we did not recognize that we were doing it. It is also important that these stereotypes are not held as absolutes. Furthermore, I think it is important to recognize the existence of a stereotype rather than act like it doesn’t exist because no matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to completely avoid stereotyping one another – the act of recognizing someone as different is unescapable and therefore so is the act of stereotyping. So if one recognizes the existence of a particular stereotype – which is present in that person’s mind – she or he will be able to recognize her or his short-comings and/or misguided preconceptions and proceed accordingly.

    I really didn’t intend to elaborate to the extent that I did and I didn’t intend to get all serious eitherl; then the minature philosopher inside me punched his way out.