A weekend in Minnesota

My trial balloon a few months ago to organize a “Day in the Life of Minnesota” project fell fairly flat. The goal was to get enough amateur photographers around Minnesota to submit one picture of some facet of everyday life on a particular day, combine them with everyone else’s contributions, and present a fairly impressive presentation of the varied nature of our fair partly cloudy state.

Maybe we should try it in increments.

Hundreds of people will read News Cut today, many have digital cameras. Just for the heck of it, would you be willing to snap a picture this weekend which captures a particular Minnesota moment and submit it here by Sunday evening? (Update: If you wish, you can use Flickr, but be sure to tag it “Weekend Minnesota.”) It could be an event you went to, just something interesting you saw, an interesting person you encountered, or an image of something you did to pass the time (Weeding the garden? Looking for tomatoes? Drag racing on a dirt road? Obeying the law and driving with hands in the 10 & 2 position? Getting the tractor unstuck in the south 40?). I’m less interested in scenery and more interested in people. And the theme could be good, bad, or ugly.

But please do not upload a picture that wasn’t taken this weekend.

I think we can do this. If you’re in, click the answer below to give me an indication of what to expect.

  • Yes, I am totally the first person to vote. How does that feel everybody else! 😉

  • As I’m in New York City but want to take part, I’m making my mom and sisters do it.

  • Bob Collins

    Alright! We’ve got 9. That’s 9 images. I’d like to be sure we get material from non-metro Minnesota. Are you out there, non-metro Minnesota?

  • How about listing a flickr (or other photo service) tag rather than requiring submission through a separate form? People are probably already posting online, and it’s more work to resize to the tiny 1MB requirement too. Maybe one tag for the weekend in MN and another for the submission round, so people can look at the entire collection or just for one weekend.

  • I may take a day trip up to Gooseberry, or perhaps see the Grizzly Coast at the Zoo…or something.

    And since I have a relatively new DSLR I am still breaking in, I will definitely submit a photo.

  • Bob Collins

    Great idea, just tag them Weekend Minnesota in Flickr if you won’t want to — or can’t — upload them.

  • Mary

    Will you/do you want to accept more than one photo from the same person (of different times/places)?

  • You should post this in the Twin Cities Flickr group.

  • Bob Collins

    Absolutely, Mary!

    I give big points to anyone who shoots the turtle races in Longville!

  • K

    Will do. :]

  • I tagged a picture on Flickr for you and added a brief description of what went down. It was two weekend ago, but hey, it was the weekend and it was in Minnesota. 🙂

  • I just put a bunch up on flickr too!