Blogging McCain – The questions from the uninvited


These are some of the tickets for tonight’s John McCain event. Red tickets are going to VIPs and other campaign and party types. If you have a red ticket, you can’t ask a question. If you have a blue ticket, you can. (Photo: Sanden Totten)

What questions will be asked? MPR’s Public Insight Journalism Network contacted identified supporters of John McCain and asked them what questions they’d ask of the senator, if they were invited to the forum.

Here’s what they said:

Undecided from Myrtle Beach, SC: Since there is a theory that regulation of speculators in the petroleum market could immediately lower gas prices 50 to 60 percent, will you consider that tactic? If no, why not?

McCain supporter from Eagan, MN would like McCain to respond to his suspicion: That the war in Iraq will proceed the same no matter who is elected. “What does he think, in reality, can Obama do to remove our troops prematurely and what will happen if Obama’s successful?”

McCain supporter from Willernie, MN: Senator McCain, why do you disagree with over 31,000 scientists and blame humans for global warming or climate change?

Independent from St, Joseph: Senator McCain, there was a time when I, as a moderate independent, would have considered voting for you. Now, you have veered so far to the right that I have no choice but to vote for your opponent. Why have you done this?

Inver Grove Heights Goldwater Republican: Is it true that U.S. sugar subsidies to American sugar growers, in combination with tariffs on sugar imports work to keep the poorest people in this hemisphere (e.g. Haitians) poor, hungry, and without recourse? What will you do to correct this situation?

McCain supporter from Shoreview, MN: Do you agree that eliminating the gas tax for the summer will increase demand for oil? Do you understand that for every speculator betting on oil going higher, someone else is betting the other way? Speculators generally cannot store oil, why do you think they are responsible for high gas prices?

McCain supporter from Rochester, MN: Senator McCain — Please explain your stance on free trade, and why you agree or disagree that we need to address the issue of labor migration to other countries.

Undecided from Grand Forks, ND: What are your thoughts on the size and expense that we occur with our military?

McCain supporter from Eagan, MN: Rather than funding short-term fixes to our fuel problems like drilling for oil off the coast of the U.S. and in ANWR, why not push forward with subsidizing and developing a fueling network for this totally renewable, non-polluting, practically proven, hydrogen fuel cell technology?

Former McCain supporter from Charlotte, NC now voting for Obama: You are selecting the next Supreme Court Justice. The only candidates from which to choose are exact clones of the seated justices. You must choose one, whom do you choose and why?

Undecided from Bloomington, MN: Without mentioning “pork barrel projects/spending,” how will you reduce the nine trillion dollar national debt? Or is it not important to reduce the national debt? And, what will you do, besides promote cap and trade, to fight global warming/climate change?

  • Bob Moffitt

    “Presidential” Town Hall Meeting?

    Aren’t they getting a little ahead of themselves? He’s not even officially the party’s nominee yet….

    I thought the KARE 11 headline on this was rather funny: “McCain Finds Friendly Crowd in Saint Paul.” As if Old Navy just stopped by the Landmark Center for a cup of coffee, and found all these friendly people inside. Surprise!