Wars and memorials

News item: The Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board is seeking designers for a memorial to honor forces who aided the U.S. military in Laos during the Vietnam War, a key step toward the first state-recognized memorial dealing with the so-called Secret War. (Pioneer Press 5/20)

Question: When does a war rise to war memorial status? (Tim Nelson, MPR) Take the first Iraq war? Should it have a memorial?

Answer: (From Nancy Stark, executive secretary Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board) “At this point in time no group has come forward with a request for a memorial to honor Minnesotans who have lost their lives in the Iraq war. Sometimes groups work with the legislature for sponsorship. The CAAPB does not initiate memorials, but the Board considers a request and staff and advisors work with each group to understand the process involved with design, construction, and future maintenance of the memorial.

“We do know there is a client group out fundraising for a plaque to honor Minnesotans from the first Iraq war, Desert Storm, to be placed in the Court of Honor.”

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