The Week-in-Review Quiz

I got so busy working on the Women of World War II stories over the last week (here, here, and here and thanks for asking!)that I neglected to put together a News Cut Quiz last week. Nobody noticed — a blow to your education and my ego. But let’s muster on. This week’s quiz is full of great trivia from this week’s news stories. Where else can you learn the temperature at which a seed of corn germinates. There. That’s your only clue this week.

As always, report back here when you’re done.

I am heading to New England for the next two weeks. I’ll be occasionally posting something but in the meantime, if I hear correctly, MPR’s Tim Nelson and, perhaps, Tom Weber will be your hosts. In the meantime, you can find me on Twitter.

And, what’s that? You say you have a good angle for News Cut, or a person you think I just have to profile? Good. Tell me about it.

  • Minn Whaler

    Oh we noticed, but who is going to tell a teacher they forgot to quiz their class… LOL

  • Cara

    Ok… flunked big time, but….

    second time aced it. got a couple lucky guesses the first time and as for the author question..

    what a gift!!! just so you know when you use gender in a question and there is only one guy’s name, well HELLO..

    thanks for the gift..

    didn’t help much

    1st try 4/15

    2nd 15/15

    I have a great retention for nonsensical facts…

    lasts about oh 2 minutes

  • Rev Lawn

    I was prepared last week, prof, but not this week.

    Don’t think the class forgot. However, I may now need to audit….

  • c

    The quiz has become a part of our weekend. So we really missed it last week…and we kept checking.

    The fifth grader did better than I did. Some of those questions I do not recall any article…hmmm.

    4/15. ouch. (the fifth grader 6/15)

  • Jamie

    I didn’t do very well — got 8 correct. Don’t like the “trivia” questions. Would rather have meaningful news-related questions.

  • bsimon

    9/15, but more for general knowledge than for in-depth analysis of news cut…

  • Bob Collins

    Which questions would you consider trivia? They all have something to do with news last week.

  • Tyler Suter

    9/15…kind of slacked on keeping up during a busy work week, still thought that it wasn’t so bad – I did guess on 2 correctly 🙂