The News Cut Quiz

There was only one story that truly captured the heart of your News Cut host this week — the tornado in Hugo. And so this week’s News Cut Week in Review Quiz is all about tornadoes.

In a never-ending quest to see the first perfect score on the News Cut quiz in my lifetime, I’ve even added some true-false questions. After you take the quiz, report back here.

As always, good luck. We’re all counting on you.

  • Alison

    As the first one through I’m setting the bar pretty low. 11/15. I’m so embarrassed. And my time was horrible too (but due to a kidtastrophe involving popcorn).

  • Joel

    8/15 here


    14/15…woohoo almost there

  • Mary

    9/15 and I only did that well because of some very lucky guesses.

  • Bob Collins

    11/15, Alison? That may be the best ever, actually.

  • c


    just don’t follow me or my son in the event of a tornado.

  • Alison

    That was good? Wow! I think I played the first or second time you had the quiz but not since then.

  • tyler suter

    I can’t believe that a house built to withstand tornado scale winds is only 10% more than a house without that protection or additional stability measures taken during construction (whatever the case may be). I’d like to see what all they based these claims on to be honest.

  • Tyler Suter

    Started off with a bang and ended so terribly that I am too embarassed to report my score; sorry Mr. Collins. I blame it on my concentration breaking when I stopped to make the comment above. 🙂

  • bsimon


    I had a really important followup question, but it has apparently been blown out of my mind.

    Ah – it wasn’t a question, but noting that tornadoes came up in a discussion with a neighbor last night. He claimed there’s a higher propensity for the north metro to get hit, while the southern suburbs rarely do. Where did you find the numbers about the north side’s likelihood for tornadoes vs. nationwide?

  • Bob Collins

    //Where did you find the numbers about the north side’s likelihood for tornadoes vs. nationwide?

    It was on the CityData page for Hugo. I haven’t checked other cities to see if their info is also included