The Lynx return


Jayne Solinger, an assistant producer of MPR’s Morning Edition and avid WNBA fan, is about the only person I can discuss the Minnesota Lynx with. There’s a bit of a bounce in Jayne’s step today as the Lynx won — in fairly dominating fashion — their opening game of the season. Have the Lynx ever been 1-0 before? We can’t recall, but then again we can barely recall a time when any basketball team in Minnesota was worth being interested in.

We were particularly impressed with the Star Tribune’s photograph today, which showed the “new” Lynx, personified by Candice Wiggins, meeting the “old” Lynx — embodied by former team member Kate Smith, who is shown playing the poor kind of defense that can only be worse if the police had forced her to play while handcuffed.

We think the Lynx could take the Wolves.

  • That game was SO fun to watch. The team played well together, beat a pretty tough opponent, and held it all together for a full 40 minutes.

    I love that photo of Candice Wiggins.