Major League Bummer?

Before you get all excited about Carlos Gomez’s hitting for a cycle at U.S. Cellular last night, (and prompting pitcher Mark Buehrle to take a bat to a dugout space heater, no doubt at least tepidly responsible for the White Sox’s 13-1 shellacking) check out the new Fox Sports ranking.

It comes our way from Cubs fan and MPR staffer Tom Weber.

The upshot: our Minnesota Twins rank 7th in the bottom 10 rankings of all sports franchises.

At least they still beat the AL doormats on this list, the Tampa Bay Rays (they seem determined to drop the ‘devil’ in their name) and the now (Mike) Sweeneyless Kansas City Royals.

Best to take it as some consolation for the bottom-of-the-9th pinch Sweeney hit that broke up Scott Baker’s no-hitter last September. Arrrgh.

Gomez, by the way, hit what I assume to be an extremely rare REVERSE “natural cycle” last night. There have only been a dozen times in recorded major league history that a single player hit a single, double, triple and homer in order in the same game.

(I actually got to see one hit by the St. Louis Cardinals John Mabry at Coors Field in Denver in 1996. It was spectacular, even if the Cardinals lost.)

  • Mabry is also a former Cub. Just in case you cared.

  • Tim Nelson

    And, most recently, a Colorado Rocky.