Junked junk


You can’t tell from this picture from MnDOT, but there’s an overturned semi with junked cars at the onramp to I-94 from Highway 52 Northbound, creating a backup on I-94 westbound in St. Paul. The backup extends at least back to Mounds Blvd. (above) . Guess I’ll have to amble over and take a picture of it.



So does the trucking company make a claim for damage when its only load is junked cars?

  • Jim

    That could qualify as a performance art piece.

  • c

    I drove through that this morning. That car at the bottomof the picture with the top smashed in was in the middle of the road when I went through. at first I thought that the car was one of the victims in the accident but was much relieved when I saw it was a semi chock full o smashed cars that tipped over. i hope the semi driver is ok.

  • Dave

    I’m amused by 2 things: A traffic accident is very un-MPR-like news. A PHOTO of a traffic accident is even moreso. Not criticizing; musing about the changing media, local news, convergence, etc etc.

  • Dave

    One more thing: The STrib and the Pioneer Press have short stories on this but neither “ambled” over for the photos, it looks like.

  • c

    Miss Texas (license plate was from Texas) was driving a jeep right behind me as I pulled on or tried to pull onto the freeway. I wonder what she thinks?

  • Tanya

    Can we assume the driver forgot to slow down on the ramp ? They should have given him a sign that said “I’m Sorry ” and stand there so all the people who got stuck in this mess know who caused it..

  • Bob Collins

    //but neither “ambled” over for the photos, it looks like.

    I fell off a roof during my vacation and messed up my ankle. I just want you to know I took one for the team on this. (g)

    What I don’t quite get from my picture — now that I look at it — is how the car on the left, got there. If the truck fell to its left — and it did — how did the car get to its right?

    By the way, this same ramp is where a fuel truck driver lost his life about 7 years ago when he went over..and his truck exploded.

    It’s a dangerous job.

  • c


    //That car at the bottomof the picture with the top smashed in was in the middle of the road when I went through.///

  • James

    The word I hear is that when they rebuild the 52 bridge this ramp will be redone. The 169/81 Devils triangle is bad but this ramp is No picnic when driving a truck. Our company reminds the drivers with trucks to Slow Down when using this road. Good luck everyone.