In Chuck Doyle’s words

Last Friday I published the obit of Chuck Doyle, one of the most colorful pilots in Minnesota’s history (you may remember him as the guy who flew a plane into a house at the Minnesota State Fair). Chuck held court at the South St. Paul airport on Saturdays, telling old stories and now the Experimental Aircraft Association has made it permanent, publishing this segment of its “Timeless Voices of Aviation” series.

  • bsimon

    Great story. I missed the obit last week, Mr Doyle sounds like a hell of a guy.

  • Can’t beat someone telling their own story.

    Three airplane / house crashes. First one, a sell out! We — seriously now — just don’t make state fair shows like we used to…

    What does his shirt say, and is that a pilot’s inside joke?

    Thanks for this video post, Bob.

    Julia Schrenkler, Interactive Producer MPR

  • Bob Collins

    It says “remove before flight.” There are usually covers on certain airplane equipment such as a pitot tube (measures ram air pressure, compares it to a pressure sensor elsewhere on the airplane and the altimeter uses the measurement to indicate the plane’s altitude). The covers say “remove before flight” to remind the pilot during his/her “walkaround” (inspection before flight) to take it off before…umm… taking off.

    Usually, I’ve seen these T-shirts marketed to women.

  • Minn Whaler

    Those t-shirts may come in Women’s styles and sizes, but I’m guessing… that a large number of the buyers are male pilots for their significant other female friend, or then again maybe not. Great story, BTW