The Quiz returns


Because I’m back from vacation, the News Cut Quiz is back from vacation. Here’s this week’s version — a classic mix of pointless popular culture trivia and “I should’ve known that” factoids.

Good luck. And remember: We’re all counting on you.

  • mary

    I admit it, I got lazy while you were gone. 5/15 ;-(

  • Lily

    I am sure that the fill in Bob Collins was also a fine young man, but I didn’t read anything while you were gone! In fact, I simply boycotted MPR an its dreadful membership week.

    Still, I got an 8 out of 16 correct. Just think how well I might have fared if you hand’t taken that vacation.

    We need you, Bob!

  • Bob Collins

    Went away and nobody noticed. Hmmmm. That’s not good.

    I was just thinking while driving home last night…has ANYONE ever gotten a perfect score on “The Quiz”? If so, I don’t recall anyone posting so.

    BTW, I suckered a bunch of colleagues in with the “Dubai” option on the Anheuser Busch question. They figured it MUST be Dubai because…well… it’s ALWAYS Dubai.

    Hint: It’s not always Dubai.

    (More secrets: SIX of the answers are in the graphic)

  • c

    8 out of 15…could have been 9 if I listened to the fifth grader on the memorial day question.

    my older brother got 5 out of 15

    yes everybody missed you bob while you were gone!! We like your style. (not that this is any blemish on Tim Nelson)

  • Jamie

    What, Bob was gone?





    Tee-hee. Just kidding. :o)

    Only 8 correct for me. I haven’t been getting the newspaper (Star Tribune) for a few months because I haven’t had time to read it, so I find I’m much less well-informed than I used to be. And I don’t care for online news (takes at least as much time, and it’s almost impossible to skim for stories of interest), so I get news only from MPR/NPR and The NewsHour. I often hear incidental news talk (like on “Wait, Wait…”) that I haven’t heard about before. So does that say anything about what I’m getting from MPR/NPR and PBS?