A pause in Hugo

MPR’s Tom Weber has paused in his coverage of the tornado in Hugo to tell you what it’s like to cover a tornado.

Meanwhile, MPR’s Paul Huttner passes along that the National Weather Service has now determined that the damage survey show a fourth tornado touched down near Marine on St. Croix and crossed into Wisconsin Sunday. It is rated EF0 and caused primarily tree damage.

Details are here.

  • Minn Whaler

    Really nice piece. Kudos to reporter Tom Weber for having the courage to talk about his reluctance to approach people facing such a huge loss. So often I am guilty of thinking…. “Gosh darn it (put in not so nice words) can’t the media give people a break, or time to process” (whatever life changing event has just occurred). Sometimes feel it comes across as more invasive than “ambulance chasing” attorneys. However, through this entire, devastating storm, News Cut and MPR have been respectful, informative and continue to take the high road when tragedy strikes.