Your home. Your heart.

(I changed the time stamp on this to push it back to the top.)

Here’s the little presentation I promised I’d have a week ago. Here’s the premise: We (the media) often miss a piece of the story with the current housing crisis. Sure, it’s about bank instruments, late payments, declining values, and, quite often, the sadness of losing a home and having to find another way to survive. Part of this is because of how we came to view our homes during the “boom” times. They were bank accounts we could cash out. We forgot that you can’t cash out the way the things that happen in your home, end up in your heart.

If you get all misty eyed thinking about these sorts of things, then you’re the person I want to hear from. Here’s a little form to fill out. I’ll take it from there.

  • From MN

    What a neat story!! It is good to know that there are still people out there that care about the houses they lived in!! I am in Tx now, but my Heart of Home is still in Minneapolis!!

  • wendy

    that’s great, bob. i’m forwarding this link to all my friends!!

  • c

    what a great story Bob!!!!!