Your happiness/health index

I’m on the road to Two Harbors today so posting will be light. Thus, it falls on your to pick up the slack. But, no pressure.

Fortunately, we’ve got The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. It’s based on interviews of more than 100,000 people and it, shows that 47 percent of Americans

are struggling and 4 percent are suffering. Forty-nine percent of respondents are reported to be thriving based on a personal assessment of how they feel about their lives at the time of the survey, and where they think they’ll be in five years.

The survey is done every day and Gallup says it will do it for the next 25 years.

Findings so far indicate that peoples’ workplaces and any health problems are the two major contributors to whether people are happy.

You know what’s coming, right? Sooner or later, Gallup is going to be in workplace. So tell me first. What are they going to find?

Oh, and what do you think your life is going to be like in five years.

  • bsimon

    Generally happy, more about life than about work. There’s not much to say there.

    On Healthcare, I find it shockingly expensive. My daughter was suffering from ear infections. After several months of antibiotics, the doctor recommended getting the ear tubes. This procedure cost several thousand dollars, for an outpatient procedure. She was in the OR for a matter of minutes, most of the time being spent in pre & post op.

    I understand that there are enormous expenses required to run a hospital. I understand that the training & education requirements for the staff are significant, and that those individuals deserve to be compensated appropriately for their skills.

    But what really grates on me is that there’s no warranty package. Perhaps its an unreasonable expectation, but several weeks after the procedure, it was determined that one of my daughter’s ears was still blocked. The doc decided the tube needed to be reinstalled, so off to the hospital we go, again, for another couple grand worth of pre & post op, with 20 minutes of actual OR time. This is ridiculous.

  • c

    I have a happy work place. I like my coworkers and that makes a HUUUUGE difference. Your employer surely makes the difference!

    Five years from now I see myself happy.