Twins stadium name

The Minnesota Twins have a noon news conference today for “a major announcement about their new ballpark.” This sound suspiciously like the unveiling of the name, by virtue of corporate sponsorship.

The betting line appears to be Land o’ Lakes Park or Land o’ Lakes Field.

Carter Hayes, on the blog SBG Nation, says he searched the WHOIS database and found that and have been registered by the Twins vice president of technology.

Target Field and various concoctions of Best Buy (HDTV on sale now for $800 Park?) have also been registered, but apparently not to anyone publicly associated with the Twins.

I checked for a Wells Fargo Field, but the domain is not registered. Besides, wasn’t that once Twins owner Carl Pohlad’s competition in the banking business?

If it is Land O Lakes Field, how do we refer to it in the shortened form. In Cleveland, one headed to “The Jake” (then Jacobs Field). In Minneapolis, we go to “The Dome.” We can’t very well say, “it’s a nice day, let’s go to ‘The Lake.'”

By the way, have you seen the Twins ballpark Web cam?

Update 12:24 p.m. – The “big” announcement turned out to be a deal with Delaware North (owners of the Boston Bruins and widely regarded there as some of the cheapest ownership in sports) to provide concession services. I imagine there’s more than a few honked-off media people who were lured to attend the big announcement only to find out it wasn’t worth the paper on a press release. It’s one of the no-no’s of the business.

  • MR

    The LOL sounds like someone has been texting too much.

  • MR and Bob,

    I think I like LOL – but The Joke – is perfect nick name. For both the design and how it got built (taxes).

    Of course the Joke is on the tax payers but hey.

  • MR

    The Arizona ballpark used to be Bank One Ballpark, known of course as the Bob. I like the name “The Joe” for Joe Louis Arena (Detroit’s hockey arena)

  • Alison

    How about “Welfare for the Rich” Field?

  • bsimon

    I’m with Alison. “Hennepin County Taxpayers’ Field” sounds right to me.

  • MR

    How about “The Tim” to remind Hennepin County taxpayers of his inaction?

  • Mark Gisleson

    LOL Field sounds just about right, although LOLAWTTB (Laughing Out Loud All The Way To The Bank) Field would be more appropriate.

  • Mac Wilson

    But did you see the video clips of the food?!? Meatloaf sliders, buffalo chicken, onions and kielbasa and walleye! The food at the new stadium will be cooked before your very eyes!

    You’ll still probably have to pay $9 for a beer, though.

  • Bob Collins

    I think the Twins should do it up like real Minnesota! Every game should be a potluck church dinner.

    With pasties.

    Bring enough to share.

  • Babs

    Has anyone been north of downtown lately?

    While the rich enjoy their new ballpark the norhside is going to the dogs…literally. Where has the soul of this state gone?

  • Tyler Suter

    I like “The Tim”

    Maybe one of the following would work:

    – “Sac Roads not Bunts”

    – “Tax Depot”

    – “Bell Museum? What’s a Museum?”

    – “Prioritize This”

    – “Field of Regrets”

    – “The Deficit Grounds” (with respect to The Polo Grounds)

    – “Public Dollars not Admission”

  • What a bunch of crabby commenters, you have here Bob! “The Deficit Grounds”? “Welfare for the Rich” field? Seriously?

  • Tyler Suter

    I’d say angry is more appropriate because I’m actually in pretty high spirits today.

  • c

    Land o’ Lakes Field.

    yah right more like -Land o’ Pawlenty Field

    where the fountains flow with money and honey .