It’s quiet. Too quiet.

This meeting of the “I already drained the gas in my snowblower and put the shovels back up in the crawl space above the garage” club is now in order.

As you might have overheard, a storm bigger than the Winds of Hell is heading our way, the first blizzard in the post-Paul-Douglas world.

It’s quiet out there. Too quiet. Well, except for the cacophony of bird calls that hits you like a bucket of water in the morning when you go out to fetch the paper out of the bushes. Bird brains. They think it’s spring.

Paul Huttner and Craig Edwards are blogging up a storm. They’re in charge. It’s snowing at Pipestone, Windom and Jackson.

My job? Keeping your eye on the prize.

The azaleas were out this morning in Augusta.


The cherry blossoms are blossoming in Washington.


The bluebells are up in London.


The corpse flower is stinking up the Como Conservatory.


And the Minnesota Wild are losing playoff games.

All the signs are there. Just keep hitting refresh for the next two days. On the other hand, send me your pictures of the great white death and we’d be delighted to share your misery.

(Photos from Getty Images. Corpse flower courtesy of Marjorie McNeeley Conservatory)

  • Bennie F.

    Oh, come now, let’s not get so maudlin. The storm is going to miss most of the Metro, homes are selling in Highland Park and North Oaks, and the Gov may be the next VP candidate. Life is always good in Minnesota.

  • Bob Collins

    Could be 6 inches of snow, Bennie. I’m telling you: we’ve never seen anything like it. We’re saving lives here, man.