The Youth Caucus

What’s up on News Cut today?

Late this afternoon I’ll be live blogging a conversation that my colleague says will likely consist of “disjointed candor.”

The Youth Caucus: Why kids care about community/civic life?

A Public Insight Forum by MPR and the Humphrey Institute

The long-standing knock on young people is that they aren’t involved. But try telling that to the kids getting interested in this presidential race – or the young people using social networking to make connections.

There is evidence that kids are engaging more. But is it enough? Does it include teens from all walks of life and backgrounds? Minnesota Public Radio news and the Humphrey Institute are teaming up for a forum that will start this conversation. And the idea is to hear from kids.

I’m heading out for two weeks of vacation (back to New England to help my mother), so I have two interviews to do for the “Women of World War II” series (First one is here). I’ll be in Two Harbors on Wednesday and have another in Bloomington on Thursday. Any readers in Two Harbors? What’s interesting to you there that I should be writing about? I might as well take advantage of the drive up.

The weather has delayed my Bike with Bob series (or rather the “Oh, please, let me tag along with you” series).

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