The Week in Review Quiz

Off to the Indians-Twins game tonight, so no time for the clever graphic, which — judging by the scores some of you revealed in last week’s quiz — isn’t helping you all that much, anyway.

So here’s this week’s News Cut Quiz. You know the drill. Take it. Report back here. Vow to read News Cut more often next week.

Just remember: There’s no crying allowed.

  • Mary


    Easier? I’m not sure, but definitely funnier.

  • c


    I wasn’t interested in many of the articles this week and didn’t read many of them I especially skipped the articles on the airlines….hmmmmm (and I was not accompanied by my brilliant fifth grader)

  • momma di uno


    Second time for me but The Fifth Grader was taking it for the first time. This result was done by NO coaching from me and he didn’t read any of the articles! I had to laugh when he got the Pawlenty question in a split second..hehe (Out of the mouthes of babes)

    “I’d pwned the test oyeah” The Fitfth Grader has spoken.

  • Bob Collins

    He didn’t read any of the articles?

    Get me the number for child protection!

  • Minn whaler


    Would’ve been higher if I went with first thought…

    never could do that. note to self:

    stop over thinking everything.

    Still lots of fun

  • Julia

    7/15–much better than last week. I think I read about 200% more articles than last week, too. Hoping for more improvement next time.

  • momma di uno

    sorry Bob-

    yes I have been using your quiz a teaching tool for developing intuition.

    I do read your articles though-for the most part. ; ) (I loose interest in the articles that can get too left brained.)

  • bsimon

    9/15. Did anyone get #4 correct?

  • Bob Collins

    The questions randomize. Which one is the #4 question?