The Week in Review Quiz

Last week someone suggested doing away with the graphic which gave clues to answers in the News Cut weekly quiz. Fine. We can do this the hard way or the easy way.

Here’s this week’s quiz. Good luck.

While you’re basking in the warmth of another big week, think about people you know who are doing something interesting. And tell me about them.

  • G

    Man, I suck.

  • c

    5/15. My son got 3 of those 5 correct, he says The Wild question was easy for him. I would like the pictures back. ; )

  • Mary Lee

    8 out of 15 but at least 2 were lucky guesses.

    If I only read NewsCut (and not should I be getting more right?

  • Nick

    5/15. There is no greater shame than failing this quiz.

    I did quite well these past few weeks but didn’t pay attention to my weekly news stories this time around. Thanks for the quiz, Bob. It’s a good barometer for if and how much more I should be investing in the news.

    And Ventura really said that about 9/11? Ugh.

  • Minn whaler


    yikes and I even knew the stories.. at least more of them than the last couple weeks.

    I didn’t remember the complete details, but at least had knowledge of the stories the questions came from and yes… if you read newscut..

    you will not only have a better chance, but you will also be compelled to think about the impact of many of these stories.

    I think News Cut is a step ahead of “just the news”

    it adds an incredibly important dimension. Not nearly as boring either…

  • bsimon

    7/15. Hardest quiz yet.